The Nordic Ideation Network is a three-partner Nordplus network with the dedicated goal of developing and carrying out a collaborative three-week intensive course. The course aims to provide both tangible and methodological learning outcomes within working in digital teams and intercultural teams. Furthermore, it involves students working on concrete cases with commissioners with a focus on idea generation around business development in and between the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The three week intensive course takes place once every year and involves around 60 students and 6 teachers. It is structured into three phases, with the first and last week emphasizing digital cooperation and the middle being an actual camp. At the camp the students meet and work directly with commissioners, who will present real life business cases for the students to work on. The camp rotates between partner institutions each year in accordance with the following schedule:
2017: Haaga-Helia, Finland
2018: Copenhagen Business Academy, Denmark
2019: Estonian Business School, Estonia

The idea behind this rotation is to allow for the project partners to engage in a continuous learning cycle providing concrete insights into the methodological approaches toward learning and toward supporting entrepreneurship in each partner institution. This knowledge sharing of best case practice is also facilitated via teacher exchanges and network meetings taking place throughout each project year.