Looking towards the next Camp in Denmark 2018

Post by Grith Kemnitz and Gitte Dyrhauge, Cphbusiness Lyngby, Denmark

The Camp in Porvoo in 2017 was successful as it was appreciated by students and involved a lot of learning for all parties. This post looks towards the next camp in Autuum 2018 and reflects on how we can do it even better through our learnings from Porvoo.

In general, we will not change the structure and outline of the Camp. We believe that we altogether made a good concept that creates learning for the students. Not so much academic learning – but learning on ideation processes and intercultural collaboration, which are important learning outcomes. The next camp will therefore also be of 3 weeks, including a pre-week, the actual Camp and a post-week for reflection and exams.

“The Nordic Ideation Camp and this elective has provided all I needed to expand my network both internationallyand locally at Cphbusiness Lyngby.” – Mia /Service Management, Cphbusiness

Here are some of the changes discussed in the Network, which we are working on for next time:

We will be more deliberate in adding Ideation to the learning objectives and preparing the students for working with these tools. We will therefore be working with a well-known concept of Ideation. This will enable students to prepare and work deliberately with the ideation phases already in the pre-week. The plan is to work with Design Thinking and have students do part of the “Emphasizing-phase” before meeting in Lyngby.

“We have learned a lot about the importance of investment in remote teams and how vital the early planning phases can be for the turnout of the project.” – Martina/Service Management & Mikkel / Multi MediaDesign, Cphbusiness

The Network is planning to form the student groups earlier. This will hopefully make the groups across boarders connect early; this way working during the pre-week can be effective. This also demands precise planning of schedules in the 3 Institutions so students have timeslots where they can be sure that everybody are available for digital communication.

“… our team sometimes struggled, however, we got valuable insights for further work, and we do believe that in the end we created a great and useful result for the commissioner” Mette /Marketing Management & Victor /Financial Controller

One of our great challenges will be to find commissionaires/companies that can live up to all the criterion we have set up after the last camp. It is quite important that they are available during the week and have a universal challenge that the students can relate to. We are already working hard on finding these 3-4 companies. One of the areas to stress is the very positive feedback students got from the companies in Finland – especially from the commissioner that had been most committed during the camp week.

Another area to change is making sure that the work-load will be more evenly distributed so the organizing Institution does not take on the entire work-load. The decision to work with a well-known Ideation concept will help in this matter as everybody can equally prepare the academic part, and thus support student in pre-week and during the camp. We have discussed having specific tasks each day – and as we plan more detailed this will be a focus area for us at Cphbusiness as host institution.

Through the experience from the first camp the Network has come to know each other better and also had the opportunity to see in practice how we each work with students. The aim to create a Camp that enables the students to learn through the experience of solving a real business challenge should therefore have even better chances this time. We are however, very different so planning- and pedagogical challenges will still occur and it’s important to keep an honest and close contact during the planning phase.

“Overall I had an amazing trip… I learned how to cooperate between different study programmes’ and cultures … and I learned how to speak English all the time.”
 – Louise /Markedsføringsøkonomi, Cphbusiness

We are greatly looking forward to hosting Nordic Ideation Camp 2018 at Cphbusiness, Lyngby.


Grith Kemnitz is a lecturer at the Service Management Programme and Gitte Grimm Dyrhauge is a senior lecturer at the Marketing Management Programme. Both come from the Lyngby campus of the School of applied sciences; Cphbusiness, which is based in Copenhagen.


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