Ready for the first three-week course in the Nordic Ideation Network

Greetings and salutations from the Nordic Ideation Network.

After an exciting start-up project year with network meetings at all three partner institutions, we are looking very much forward to the first collaborative course between the partner institutions that will take place throughout three weeks in November 2017 from Monday 6th – Friday 24th. During the middle week the students will meet physicaly in Porvoo, Finland, where they will work with commissioners on real life business cases. During the first and last week the students will work in online, digital teams.

A great deal of work has gone into planning the three-week course across all institutions. Teams will be formed with 6 students from each institution for a total of 10 teams. During the three-week course the students will learn about working in digital an international teams, while coming up with ideas and solutions for the cases they are presented with. It is one the key purposes to raise students and companies awareness to the potentials to thinking about cooperation in the Nordic-Baltic region, which both students and companies will be able to apply in their careers and business projects


Best regards from the team behind the Nordic Ideation Network!


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